Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Honey time ...

Out of the extractor - In the mesh strainer is the larger bits of wax
On Sunday we fired up the extractor and came away with 80 lbs. of the absolutely most delicious honey we've ever had.  Maybe we're a little biased but it really did taste like the best honey we've ever had.  We were lucky and caught the weather just right.  The last few minutes of extracting is when the storms hit and we were able to finish up the extraction with the help of a large umbrella because you do not want additional moisture added to the honey.
Bottled with love

Soooooo patient

Last night was bottling night and we set up a production line to fill four cases of honey containers that we recently purchased.  I started off pouring and made such a mess that Yvonne took over and did a great job not dribbling honey on the sides of the jars.  It was fun.  Besides the honey we added another 5 lbs of wax to our growing bees wax collection.
Demoted to being the bottle washer
Time to set up a Local Honey stand

This honey was just filtered through mesh strainers with some cheesecloth so it has natural pollen and some fine particles of wax in it.  Absolutely delicious and good for you.

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