Friday, July 3, 2015

Cool Bees

I debated whether the title should be Cool Bees or Spoiled Bees.  You could say they're both.  Today we went to the nursery and picked up a couple plants to make a natural barrier between the apiary and the garden / shed area.  Most of the plants we got were very popular with honey bees at the nursery.
cool bees

new palm

Even though it was 94 degrees, we both spent a few hours planting and watering.  Also brought a large bunch of Hawaiian plumeria plant cuttings that were crowding the walkway at home.   After planting, everything was watered and looking good.   We even picked up some milkweed for the butterflies.

The bee hives were nice and shaded under their new structure and fortunately there were no guard bees with an attitude buzzing us while we gardened.

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