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The Florida Bee Farm" is a mini eco-farm located in Clearwater north of East Bay and East of US 19.  It's completely solar powered and we hang out with eleven hives of pampered (spoiled) honey bees on site.  They produce delicious local honey and some beeswax. In addition to the gardens and bees it also is a studio/workshop to create honey bee metal sculptures as well as other art.

We grow heirloom tomatoes including exotic varieties like Black Krim, Cherokee Purple, Rutger, Homestead, roma, cherry and others.  We also grow blueberries, moringa, tumeric,  peppers, beans, peaches, onions, potatoes, eggplant and other fruits, veggies and herbs.  We use several composting techniques including red wiggler worms for vermicomposting.

We strive to utilize organic methods in our growing process making our own organically made compost and natural tonics to repel pests.  Our irrigation system is fed through a 550 gallon plus rain barrel collection system powered by solar electric.  The irrigation system also delivers home brewed compost tea directly to the plants.


 Honey For Sale:

We currently have delicious local spring & fall honey available for sale.

This natural honey is raw which means it has not been heated / pasteurized or strained in a high pressure commercial operation.

As a result you receive honey that has been gently filtered to retain all the healthy components of delicious natural honey.

$6.00 - 8 ounce Raw Honey

$8.00 - 12 ounce Raw Honey

$10.00 - 16 ounce Raw Honey

$14.00 - 24 ounce Raw Honey

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Fresh produce:

During the growing season we sell our excess produce through The Indian Rocks Co-op.  We've had tomatoes, eggplant, blueberries and more at different times of the year.

Or if you prefer to pick up at the Bee Farm then contact me to see what's available.

Art / Metal Sculpture Studio:

When not working in the gardens or around the apiary I love to create metal sculptures of honey bees and fishing themed fishbone art.  The honey bees are from 20" to over four feet of wing span.  They are made of stainless steel or regular steel and are hand cut so no two are exactly alike.  Listings of available sculptures will be appearing here as soon as the designs and pricing are finalized.

We can do custom bee sculptures for apiaries or whatever for your specific needs.

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