Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Green Peppers and Tomato worms

Today I picked the first bounty from the garden ... two healthy green peppers.  Everything in the garden seems to be thriving in our homemade earth box type containers.  One problem though was several tomato worms that I found in the tomatoes.  I'm glad I found them because they can decimate tomato plants in no time.

Added some more paint to the shed and painted the bee hives white and turquoise to match the house and shed (I had spare paint so why not).  Suspending a 2x4 between the scaffold and hanging all the hives on the 2x4 allowed me to easily rotate them while painting all 4 sides at once.  Quite convenient.

The new batteries in the solar setup work excellent.  It was without a doubt the best deal I ever got on CraigsList.  So now we have all the power we need for the bee farm.

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