Thursday, January 22, 2015

Location, location, location

So much consideration has gone into picking the perfect spot for the bees.  I need to get it right the first time because the ant proof stand will be cemented into the ground and not easily moved.  The spot has 85% sun and most important, the morning sun will greet the hive.  In the afternoon there will be a little shade which I'm sure the bees will appreciate on hot Florida days.
The stand will roughly be located over the concrete blocks in the above picture.  The concrete blocks won't be part of the stand and are only there to level and measure the area.  The hives will face the older fence in the picture.  Just over that fence is roughly 3 acres of field and a great landmark for the bees to find their way home.  It really looks nice on the other side of the fence.  The bees will love it !
View from over the fence

That newer fence was constructed this week and serves several purposes.  Besides being a nice privacy fence for the bees it also diverts them from the condos behind our property.  There are no condos directly behind us but I wanted to be a good neighbor and do what I can to keep the bees away from that area.  The other purpose of the new fence is it's now where I store much of my spare wood and miscellaneous junk.  Keeps the mini farm looking neat.

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