Sunday, January 25, 2015

Visitors to the new hives

Today I loaded the truck up with the finished hives and took them out to the bee farm to paint.  Two of the deep boxes were loaded with frames that had wax foundation in them.  The primary task however was to build the ant proof platform and pour concrete around the footing to hold it firmly in place.  Lots to do.

Galvanized pipes ready to take the T Handles (laying on the concrete block)  once the concrete dries
After about an hour of working on the platform I had to get something out of my truck and noticed that I left the two deep hives with the wax foundation sitting on the passenger front seat.  The heat from the truck being closed up gave the wax a sweet aroma and made the truck smell nice.  Before it got too hot though I decided to take them out of the truck and placed them on a lounge chair outside.

Imagine my surprise about a half hour later when I looked in that direction and noticed 4-5 honey bees checking out the new hive.  So I immediately added the bottom board, base and top boards to make a complete hive for the visitors.  The visits continued for several hours and a couple of the bees actually went into the new unpainted hive.  Quite cool and it made my day.

14 foot hive platform with a little paint
The base was completed and while the concrete dried I painted the wooden platform that sits on it.  Also painted one of the unpainted hives before calling it a day.   

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