Saturday, January 10, 2015

Feeding the bees

Today was a beautiful day to work with the Tampa Bay Beekeepers Association bees.  A little chilly at 55-60 degrees but nice and sunny.  We met in Lithia Florida and then drove back into some orange groves / Blueberry groves where the association's bees were living at the time.  We went into all the hives looking for problems and as it's winter with not a lot of food available for the bees, we added pollen patties into the hives.

 There was plenty of hands on experience for all who attended as there were many hives to open up and inspect.  The new bee suit, gloves and hive tool worked great on their maiden voyage.

Met a lot of nice people and learned a lot today.  This is so addicting.

Blueberry bushes

A patty of pollen mixture/bee food on top of the frames

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