Thursday, February 5, 2015

Pineapples and the first red tomato

Yesterday was spent getting a trailer full of finely ground oak mulch from a large stump grinding.  It was free but took a good bit of work and time.  The mulch will come in handy.

The nice thing about the Florida Bee Farm is it's a place where I can move a lot of our home plants.  Especially the ones that haven't reached their potential because of giant oak trees around our house that provide so much shade and limit the sun.  A couple strong honeysuckle plants were transplanted to be in close proximity to the honey bee hives.  Honey bees love honeysuckle and I have a feeling that will be one popular flowering plant back there.

I also moved a couple pampas grass plants that were really doing poorly.  If they thrive they will look very cool around the lion.  Hopefully the full sun will revive them again.  And today half of our  pineapple plants were moved to the bee farm.  Even in almost full shade they have been producing pineapples for years.  Can't imagine how they'll do in the sun.  All the pineapples were simply started by whacking the leafy top off and sticking it in the ground.  They don't produce a lot but when they do, the pineapples are delicious.  That is if I can get to them before the critters do.  In the pineapple patch is also a banana tree that we bought last weekend,  just because ...
Pineapple (and one banana) plants

The bees are really doing well in their new homes.  Today I removed the sugar feeders I put in them and added frames to the upper deep box.  Maybe it's a little early to do that but I'm going to give it a try.  I stood and watched the bees coming and going for awhile today and noticed that the ones coming into the hives were loaded down with pollen.  I didn't realize how easy it is to see the pollen that's hanging on the side of their legs.  They all were loaded down with pollen so sugar feeding is off the menu.  It didn't take them long at all to adapt to their new homes.
Almost ripe tomato

And last but not least.  Our first red tomato !!!!!  Maybe a day or two more and we'll be munching a fresh tomato from the garden.  Yippee dog !

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