Sunday, February 1, 2015

Honey Bees from Nucs to hives ... their new homes

In the morning, the bees were active and all seemed to be quite healthy in both of the nucs.  I spent almost an hour transferring them from the nucs into the hives with no problems.  It was actually quite enjoyable even with my newbee apprehension for doing everything right.  In reviewing the video I took, it looks like I may have switched a frames orientation which isn't what you're supposed to do but it's probably not a show stopper.  I looked for the queen but didn't want to spend too much time doing that and closed up the hive.

The smoker kept going out so I need to get some pine needles to go with the wood shavings I had (from making the hives). 

A fun and educational day.  Reminded me of a playground full of children who are in awe of a new playground they inherited.  All day long they were zooming all around the mini farm checking everything out.  I love it.

But mid day I decided to give them a house warming gift of some honey we had. A large scale food fight broke out with all the bees as well as a couple wasps and other visitors.  In retrospect, that was probably not a good idea.  It looked to me like they were almost drunk on honey.  As I was eating my lunch a bee flew over to the table I had my lunch on and it almost looked like she was laying there taking a nap !  I know that's probably not at all what was going on but it sure looked like it to me.  She was there next to me for awhile. 

All the composted materials were transferred to the raised beds with some left over for potting and miscellaneous planting.  Good exercise was had today.

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