Thursday, February 19, 2015

New plants and now a freeze warning

I didn't even have time to get a picture of our new plants in the raised beds.  A few days ago we bought a lot of veggie plants and they looked really nice in their new garden home.  I just kept forgetting to bring my camera.

It's been several years (2011) since we had a freeze around here so I'm going to have to take the blame for this cold weather.  Planting the new veggies must have jinxed it.   It's pretty chilly in the 40's during the day and forecast to get down to 33 degrees tonight !  Also a good excuse to put on a nice pot of delicious vegetarian chili.
Freeze warning tonight - Cover your plants and lions

So today was spent covering all the plants or at least as many as I could.  I had a roll of tyvek leftover from a building job so I made an enclosure over the raised beds and covered it with (noisy) tyvek in the gusty winds.  Quite the challenge made easier when the wife showed up.  The cold weather will be here for 2 days and will jump back into the 70's.  Hopefully it's the only freeze this year.  At least we don't live in cold weather parts of the country.  We went to COSTCO yesterday and 60% of the cars in the lot were from out of state.  Not that I blame them.

Cozy plants all tucked in for the night.
Even the bees were not their normal active selves.  They came in early today anticipating the chill I guess.  In case of bad weather, I made boards that I could slide into the hives to close up the bottom and keep the girls warmer.  They'll appreciate it tonight. 

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