Monday, April 4, 2016

Being there to welcome the new arrivals

There's nothing like being there when the bees swarm. You can feel their excitement and it's such a special moment to be there when they arrive.   The air is filled with thousands of beautiful honey bees flying around and around while their comrades fill the entrance of the hive to check out their new home.  The bees couldn't be any gentler in this state either.

The next morning it looked like there were no bees in the box.  No guards, nothing.  No foragers.  So I thought they were gone.  BUT a few hours later they emerged from the box and are there.

I guess they had a rough swarm and slept in.  I don't know.  Only thing I know for sure is more boxes need to be built and painted.  I'm running out of room at the The Florida Bee Farm.

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