Monday, January 4, 2016

New Moose, New Shed, New Year

New Moose
New roof for the shed

Something that was a big priority and needed to be done was a rebuild of the shed.  The metal panels that were used for the roof had just too many holes and places for water to seep in.  After trying numerous times to patch the leaks my son Jeff and I completely rebuilt the roof.  Not only did we replace the metal with plywood and shingles, we raised the roof a couple of feet to provide a better angle for the water to run off.

One of the benefits I didn't foresee was how much this would positively impact the storage space inside the shed.  Now the extra bee equipment and spare hives are easily accessible and in a nice dry place.  I also added windows for more natural lighting inside the shed.

New Shed for the Bee Farm

Finally during the long new year weekend Yvonne and I decided to bring our Moose (Bob) out to the Beefarm and let him watch over the vegetable gardens.   Bob was temporarily needing a new spot and the Beefarm was needing a moose so it worked out nicely.

Moose and new Window
We also had some cool looking lexan designer pieces that were leftover from a job site and we plucked from the trash.  They were perfect as a unique molding to surround the new window on the shed that my neighbor gave me.  And one last benefit of the shed rebuild is the better mounting and angle of the solar panel array.  We have more power than we'll probably ever need.
better angle and mounting of solar panel array

Garden is going strong and even though my hard lessons keep on coming, Yvonne and I actually shared (one) delicious strawberry this week.  We also had fresh green beans and eggplant which were also delicious.  Tomatoes should be turning red in the next week or so.

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